HercTech manages a consortium of sports technology providers – called the “Sports Technology Consortium” – with whom university and professional sports teams (our clients) may be interested in doing business. We draw ideas from this pool of companies to generate projects and/or sales for your company. HercTech assists sports teams in discovering and resolving their operational, technology, and training needs in order to increase safety and performance of athletes, improve program or departmental efficiencies, and increase program or departmental profits. When the needs of a university or professional team align with your technology solutions, HercTech will recommend your company for sales or a project. Projects will be contracted and managed by HercTech in a streamlined fashion, putting the vast majority of project profits in your pocket. 



To enter the Sports Technology Consortium, you must complete the application below. Until 12/31/2020, there is NO COST to enter the Sports Technology Consortium and it offers a large number of benefits* including, but not limited to:


  • Increased Sales. When applicable, HercTech will attempt to generate sales of existing technologies for your company. HercTech takes no commission for sales. We only accept revenue from our clients (colleges and professional sports organizations) if we offer a value added service to them. For example, we may agree to perform post-installation testing and evaluation services. 

  • Project Dollars. For both startups and existing tech giants, HercTech will seek to initiate projects to help you develop your new, innovative products.

  • Bid Priority. When a request for proposal is submitted to the public for a bid on a project, your company will be notified before companies outside the Sports Technology Consortium are notified.

  • Intellectual Property Protection. HercTech lays no claim to your intellectual property provided in your application for entry to the Sports Technology Consortium. HercTech will protect your confidential information by only disclosing the information provided in the application to clients or potential clients, never companies that are in direct competition with your company.

  • Contact Information Protection. HercTech will only give out contact information to our clients or potential clients. No contact information gathered via the Sports Technology Consortium will ever be sold or given to third-party marketers. 

  • Publicity. A description of your company and technologies can be posted on this site. Plus, we occasionally post articles and promotions on the latest and greatest sports technologies.

  • Marketing Opportunities. You will have the opportunity to publish ads in our event pamphlets at a low cost compared to most marketing magazines. Please inquire at if you’re interested after your application is approved.

  • Referral Bonus. Any referrals provided by our consortium members that result in HercTech obtaining a contract with a new client, HercTech will pay 1% of all profits from that contract for two (2) years to either the referring company or a charity of the referring company's choice. Restrictions apply as noted on our website. To claim the referral credit, the consortium member must email HercTech at stating the potential client to whom you referred us, AND the potential client must state the consortium member as the referring company prior to contract signing. 

    • NOTE 1: HercTech will ask the potential client explicitly if anyone referred us to them so referral credits don't go unclaimed. 

    • NOTE 2: If more than one consortium member is to legitimately receive the referral credit, the profits will be split equally among the members.

    • NOTE 3: Charities must have a positive cause and reputation. HercTech reserves the right to reject a member's choice of charity.

* Increased sales and acquisition of project dollars cannot be guaranteed, but are important parts of HercTech's mission to add value to our consortium members. HercTech reserves the right to remove, change, or add to the member benefits at any time.

After applying, HercTech will send you an email within 48 business hours acknowledging receipt of the application. We’ll then review your application and send you a second email regarding the acceptance or denial of your membership to the Sports Technology Consortium. HercTech may deny applications or revoke membership to the Sports Technology Consortium for any of the following reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Company or products lack applicability to the purpose of the Sports Technology Consortium. 

  • Misrepresentation of your products or services.

  • Use of language deemed inappropriate by HercTech.

  • Inappropriate handling of confidential information in current or past interactions with HercTech.

  • Breach of contract or inappropriate actions on past projects with HercTech.

  • Infringement of another person's or company’s intellectual property rights.


These Terms and Conditions apply to your application to the Sports Technology Consortium, the services offered by HercTech to you via the Sports Technology Consortium, and your relationship with HercTech.

If you do not agree with these Terms or Conditions, please email HercTech at to request your removal from the Sports Technology Consortium. Failure to adhere by these Terms and Conditions, as determined solely by HercTech, may result in suspension or termination of your membership. HercTech reserves the right to refuse access to the Sports Technology Consortium to anyone for any reason at any time.

If you have a written agreement with HercTech that states that its provisions supersede the Terms and Conditions stated here, then to the extent there is a conflict between the documents, the provisions in the written agreement prevail.

These Terms and Conditions may change over time. If HercTech makes minor changes to the Terms and Conditions without materially changing your rights, we will post the modified Terms and Conditions here. If we make a modification that materially changes your rights, we will notify you by email. You will be requested to accept the changes in order to remain in the Sports Technology Consortium. During the grace period between the date of the emailed request and the due date of the acknowledgement, the former Terms and Conditions (those prior to the changes) shall apply.

You agree that any information, documentation, images or other forms of media that you provide to HercTech are permitted to be shared with any number of university and professional sports teams. Additionally, some information, as denoted in certain sections of the application, is permitted to be shared with the general public. 

You agree that you are authorized to complete the application on your company’s behalf. You are prohibited from submitting an application on someone else’s behalf unless you received express written consent from your employer or client to do so oh their behalf.

To the fullest extent permissible by law, neither HercTech nor any of its members, employees, clients, or partners make any representations, warranties, or endorsements of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, as to the aforementioned Sports Technology Consortium benefits or the security of the transmission of information to HercTech. 

HercTech does not represent or warrant that the services provided will be error-free or uninterrupted. You acknowledge that your application to and membership in the Sports Technology Consortium is solely at your own risk. HercTech does not endorse content and specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability to any person or entity for any loss of use; interruption of business; lost profits; damage including special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind regardless of the form of action whether in contract, tort (including negligence), strict product liability, or otherwise; injury up to and including death; claim; liability; or other cause of any kind or character based upon or resulting from any products or services provided by HercTech. HercTech, nor any of its members, employees, clients, or partners shall have any liability with respect to, and you hereby waive, release, and agree not to sue any of them upon, any claim for any damages suffered or incurred by you in connection with, arising out of, or in any way related to the services provided by HercTech. In no event shall HercTech, its members, employees, clients, and partners’ total liability to you exceed one hundred United States dollars ($100.00).

You will defend, indemnify and hold HercTech harmless from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, expenses and costs (including arbitration fees, court costs, and attorney’s fees) arising from or relating to any claims regarding (a) information, documentation, images and other media provided to HercTech by you, (b) clients or potential clients’ unauthorized use or sharing of any materials given to HercTech by you, (c) your negligent acts or omissions in connection with these Terms and Conditions, (d) your violation of any third party’s rights including intellectual property rights, confidentiality, privacy, or property rights, (e) your violation of any laws, regulations, codes, statues, ordinances, rules, or orders of any governmental authority, or (f) any misrepresentation made by you, whether verbally or in writing.

These Terms and Conditions will be deemed to have been made in, and shall be construed pursuant to the laws of the State of Michigan and the United States without regard to conflicts of laws provisions thereof. You agree that any disputes between you and HercTech will be governed by arbitration in the State of Michigan.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions are adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable or invalid, that provision shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that these Terms and Conditions will otherwise remain in full force and effect.

By submitting your application to and maintaining your membership in the Sports Technology Consortium, you warrant that your activities are lawful in all jurisdictions in which you operate. You hereby give any consent required by law for use of HercTech’s services as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

Sports Technology Consortium

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