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COVID-19 Response Assistance

July 9, 2020

For a limited time, HercTech is offering coronavirus-related services including development and implementation of a custom strategic response to the pandemic including but not limited to:


  • New policies and procedures for internal staff and event attendees to limit the spread of the virus.

  • Documented plans for teams to maintain regular practices, training sessions, and team meetings while reducing risks of exposure.

  • Analysis of options to stabilize financially and rebound from profit losses.

  • Contingency plans for a second wave of coronavirus cases or future pandemics/epidemics.

  • Assistance sourcing and procuring PPE, sterilization equipment, etc. at best cost.


In addition, HercTech will also provide financial assistance by offering the following on all HercTech services (including those not related to COVID-19) for up to one year:


  • Reduced rates – 15% off our standard rates.

  • Long payment terms – invoice due dates extending up to one year after invoice issuance dates.

  • No fees or interest will be applied to invoices during the deferral period.

Referral Program

February 29, 2020

Going forward, any referrals given by our consortium members that result in HercTech obtaining a contract with a new client, HercTech will pay 1% of all profits from that contract for two (2) years to either the referring company or a charity of the referring company's choice. To claim the referral credit, the consortium member must email HercTech at stating the potential client to whom you referred us, AND the potential client must state the consortium member as the referring company prior to contract signing.


NOTE 1: HercTech will ask the potential client explicitly if anyone referred us to them so referral credits don't go unclaimed.

NOTE 2: If more than one consortium member is to legitimately receive the referral credit, the profits will be split equally among the members.

NOTE 3: Charities must have a positive cause and reputation. HercTech reserves the right to reject a member's choice of charity.

Sports Technology Consortium Launch

February 10, 2020

HercTech is pleased to launch our consortium, the Sports Technology Consortium (formerly called Technology Provider Pool). We are now accepting applications. Please see our Consortium page for more information and the application form.