HercTech Services

Research and Development

HercTech maintains a database of thousands of technology providers, sports equipment OEMs, sports apparel producers, and other engineering and manufacturing companies potentially of value to sports organizations. When commercially-available solutions do not exist, HercTech designs custom solutions, then subcontracts prototyping companies to build the equipment. In all situations requiring a third-party contractor, HercTech leads the efforts to research potential contractors, then acquire and evaluate quotes. For opportunities requiring intangible solutions, HercTech can develop processes, strategies, or documentation for nearly any scenario. 

Testing and Evaluation

Prior to purchasing any new software or hardware, it's critical to determine it's the right fit for your organization. HercTech will evaluate any commercial off-the-shelf solution against a client's specific needs and "wish list" to determine the viability of the solution before making a large-scale purchase or implementing a system change in your organization. For any solution, be it commercially available or custom-built, HercTech can perform tests on the equipment, software, process, etc. to determine that it's functioning as expected. If any testing outside of HercTech's expertise is required, we will lead the effort to find a company capable of fulfilling the testing services.

Project Management

HercTech leads all contracting and project management efforts to see any technology acquisition, development, or integration come to a successful conclusion. We follow industry best practices with complete transparency to the client to maintain clear lines of communication, control costs, and adhere to strict schedules, all while protecting the intellectual property rights of each party. From concept idea to solution integration, HercTech manages every phase of a project to make new technology acquisition easier than ever for sports organizations.